How to bet on the 3et live exchange

When a betting site has the motto “Built for bettors”, then it will be worth a look. Even though it is relatively new, 3et is a quickly growing sportsbook that attracts more players every day. Founded in 2015, 3et provides punters with unrestricted access to betting markets across the globe.

The platform focuses mainly on soccer and US sports. However, in its categories, you will find more betting options and markets. The site is fast, very easy-to-use and responsive, so you can access it from any mobile device. In addition, 3et’s live betting section offers many events for wagering from all sports available, with the most popular markets.

If you want to wager on 3et’s live betting markets, you can register an account in two ways. The first one is through the main site. At the bottom of the home page, you will see a contact form. By filling it in with the necessary info, you can ask for a new account. You will get a reply with your account credentials shortly afterwards.

The second way is through a betting agent. Also known as brokers, these services grant access to many sportsbooks and betting exchanges by having just a single account. For example, Brokerstorm.com is considered one of the top betting brokerages. Through them, you can enter top exchanges like Betfair, Orbit Exchange, or Fair999.

To continue with the 3et sportsbook, we have to say that the platform offers the best live betting odds. 3et is not an exchange, but you can be sure that their odds are quite similar to the ones of a betting exchange. Keep reading to find out what else the platform offers and what features you can take advantage of if you decide to bet on 3et.

Get to know the 3et live betting

As we mentioned, the betting site focuses on a few sports. Soccer is the sport that includes the most 3et live betting markets. Additionally, US sports are also an important section of the site. These are American football, basketball, and baseball. In 3et live betting, you will find many markets on these sports to bet on as well.

During the weekends, when most events and matches take place, the 3et live exchange offers a thousand betting markets for punters to wager on. Nevertheless, you will find live events available for betting all week long. Besides, there are more live sports to bet on, like boxing, MMA, and tennis.

In 3et live betting, the section with the most live events is certainly soccer. The platform offers betting choices from all over the world. To be more precise, the sportsbook offers events from 19 countries and their competitions. If you choose England, for example, you will get markets from all the divisions, from the Premier League to the Northern and Southern Leagues.

The most popular countries that are included in the 3et live exchange are England, Germany, Spain, Italy, the USA, Argentina, and Brazil. Of course, the list doesn’t stop there. The platform also supports competitions from less popular countries. Some of them are Japan, China, Slovakia, and Paraguay.

Each country hosts many leagues and competitions.

The 3et live betting section supports most of them. Some examples are the widely known championships of the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and MLS. However, in the 3et live exchange, less-known leagues are available for betting as well.

When it comes to American football, the 3et live betting markets are limited only to the USA competitions. Except for the NFL, which has a huge betting market, there are also choices from the NCAA college football category. The 3et live betting odds for the NCAA are very high compared to other sportsbooks, and the betting markets are plenty.

Baseball is another sport that includes many 3et live betting markets. The biggest league you will find in the baseball section is the US MLB, the most popular baseball competition in the world. However, your options are not limited only to those, as you will be able to bet on baseball competitions from Japan and South Korea as well.

Specifically, the 3et live exchange offers all the matches from Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball Organization (NPB). The NPB is considered one of the most popular Asian baseball competitions and attracts thousands of viewers every matchday. The KBO league in South Korea is also available for betting on the 3et live exchange.

When you enter 3et, the live betting section includes more sports to bet on. One of them is tennis, which is one of the sports with the most viewers worldwide. In the in-play category, you will find all the big tennis tournaments but also matches from smaller competitions. Such examples are the ATP San Diego, the WTA Seoul, the Genoa Challenger, and more.

Fighting sports are also available in the 3et live exchange. The platform offers live bets for MMA and boxing, but they are not always available. Usually, you will be able to bet live on major fights that judge a title. You will rarely see betting markets for smaller fights that don’t attract bettors.

Basketball couldn’t be absent from the live betting section of 3et.

The sportsbook offers betting markets on the biggest basketball championship in the world, the NBA. Furthermore, many competitions and championships are available for live betting from around the world.

The in-play section offers many European basketball leagues like the Spanish League or the Italian League. Additionally, the Euroleague is one of the most popular 3et live betting markets you will find on the platform. But the basketball section offers competitions from all over the world, like the Malaysian NBL and the Chinese basketball league.

The 3et live exchange stands out for the odds it offers. If you compare the odds of 3et with the ones of a typical sportsbook, you will see big differences. The 3et live betting odds are significantly better than any bookmaker. And this applies to all sports that are available for live betting.

In soccer, for example, many markets have a payout of over 95%. This usually goes for the 1X2 markets in the major leagues. But there are cases where the payout is significantly more. In handicaps, the payout is a little higher, around 96%. But the over/under markets can have an even higher payout, which can be over 97%.

If the above numbers seem low to you, we should mention that an average sportsbook usually has a payout of 92-93%. So, to find in soccer betting markets payouts of 95-97% are a lot higher, especially for professional players. These odds can also be suitable for arbitrage opportunities. After all, the platform encourages punters to use such strategies.

In the NFL, the 3et live betting odds have a similar payout to the ones in soccer. The winning team bets are close to a 98% payout, while handicaps are offered at around 97%. Other markets like totals (over/under goals) are a bit lower, at 96%. Still, they are higher than most sportsbooks.

Basketball is also a sport that offers higher odds compared to other sites. Total (over/under) markets usually have a payout of 96-97%. Handicaps are also somewhere close to 96%, as are the match-winner bets. You will find these kinds of odds mostly in major competitions like the NBA or the Euroleague.

The sport where the 3et live betting odds are not as high as the previous ones are baseball.

Most betting markets offer a payout of below 95%. For example, match winners, handicaps and totals, are below 95%. This applies to all leagues, from the MLB to the lesser-known ones.

The higher odds are found in soccer and American football. Other sports, like tennis, MMA, and boxing, are not always available for live betting. But if you find a chance to bet on them live, you should know that the payout is about 94-95% in most betting markets. Usually, it depends on the match and the popularity of the competition.

The 3et live platform has a simple interface. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have live coverage of the match nor any graphic display of the game. The only thing that will give you a glimpse of how the match goes is the “attack” message that is shown next to the team that is attacking. Additionally, it shows the stats of each match, regarding the sport.

The “built for bettors” motto is not random. The betting site supports professional players and encourages high stakes. So, it has a feature that leaves the punter to decide between the higher odds or the highest stake limit. For example, let’s say you want to bet on a match winner at 1.93. On your bet slip, you will have two options.

The first is to keep these odds with a maximum stake limit of 2000 euros. The other choice is to shorten the odds to 1.90 for a maximum stake limit of 4000 euros. Sometimes the platform offers more options between the odds and the stakes. It’s an interesting feature that will benefit many punters who prefer betting big.

Another great feature that the 3et has is the charts that show how the odds change during a match. Every event has a button called “graph details” on the right side of the betting markets. There, you can choose which betting market and which runner you want to see. A graphical chart will pop up to show you how the odds changed in a specific period.